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"Michael Braunfeld is back and he’s got a lot to say. It’s a wonderful thing that someone who has made music, recorded albums, and played around a bit can take a decade off and come back even stronger than before."

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This a great article on the infamous auditions at The Bluebird Cafe. Honored to have been included ... and to have been welcomed into the Writers' Night Family at The Bluebird.

Newtown Square Life

"Though his guitar work is as complex as that of folk artist John Fahey, Braunfeld's songwriting strays toward classic rock 'n' roll and alt-country. Melodies and lyrics are reminiscent of heavy and terse singer/songwriters Steve Earle and Richard Buckner, but his material is driven by personal experiences."


“Listening to Michael Braunfeld, one is reminded somewhat of Bruce Springsteen: The same full-throated gutsy vocals, the same feel for the blue-collar common man, the same vivid depiction of characters and their stories in few words. He is a singer-songwriter worth watching.”

"When Michael Braunfeld takes the stage he shares it with.... himself: As a songwriter Michael proves to be a sensitive and caring artist. As a singer Michael is a gutsy, emotive performer. For my taste, 'Give me both the Michaels---all the time!'"

"Even as a kid, Michael Braunfeld always had an old soul and a good guitar! But back then I wondered if he'd really lived enough to write the songs he wrote. I don't wonder that anymore as the man has become a friend and an artist I admire! And he still has that old soul and good guitar!"


“When Michael Braunfeld starts to sing, you listen. His deep, rich voice will lure you into his masterful songwriting. He can quiet a room like no other”

"I'm thankful that I can't write or read music nor can I play an instrument or sing a single note. Why? Because it qualifies me purely as a listener/appreciator. I would imagine it is a lot like someone who can't cook a single thing, someone who even burns toast. When someone cooks them a meal from scratch, it tastes like heaven. There are a lot of burnt toast acts out there, Michael Braunfeld isn't one of them. Every time he plays my stage, it is like coming in from a long cold Winter day to find the table set in front of a roaring fire, deep pottery bowls heaped full of hearty stew. Michael's music is comfort food for the hungry soul. {Listen to Never Comes The Night and you will know exactly what I mean}"

“Michael Braunfeld bares his soul with lyrics that touch each listener differently while acoustically wrapping each song with its own individuality.”