Video Premiere: 'Maline'”

The Bluegrass Situation

Video Premiere: '40 Below' ” - Gary Graff


A record full of working class anthems, Americana, folk and country sounds mesh together here with a lasting effect that will resonate with all fans of thinking person's music. Travels well with: Jason Isbell - Southeastern; Bruce Springsteen - Nebraska.”

Take Effect

It’s clear from the start that Philadelphia’s Michael Braunfeld takes pride in the craft of songwriting.  Driver contains 13 stories, most rooted in the trials and tribulations of life in the working class.  He infuses them all with a point-of-view that is wistful and wisened. ... Musically, Braunfeld shifts from heartland rock to folk and back with ease, always maintaining focus on the tales that he’s telling – and the messages they convey.” - Mayer Danzig

Twangville - Mayer's Playlist for Spring 2019, Part 2

... Michael Braunfeld breaks his heart across the pavement as he shuffles between strands of Americana and folk music with heart-rending fashion. His precision and dedication to the craft is a marvel across the 13-track release.” - Jason Scott

B-Sides and Badlands

Driver is a 13-song Americana tour de force.”

Ditty TV

Driver is a stirring selection of contemplative roots and Americana songwriting, some of a more of a delicate John Prine style of observational folk, some (like the powerful 'Washed Away' and the rousing 'Breathe') of anthemic, Springsteen-esque quality.” - John Vettese

The Key, WXPN - Growing Up Folk: Michael Braunfeld on the road from Spring Gulch to Driver

Driver is a massive achievement, the type that doesn't often surface without fanfare. Braunfeld is a stunning singer in the Darrell Scott vein. His songwriting is also of that world, real stories of everyday folks caught in hard truths and exceptional circumstance. ... He lays out a just perfect lyric, one that makes time stop just for a moment ... and then 45 seconds later, he slays with an even more impressive couplet. Braunfeld writes anthems for those of us who can't. Driver is comprised of 13 songs, songs that will freeze us in time. We'll remember the first time we heard them, recall what we felt as we let his melodic poetry waft through us, become part of us. Michael Braunfeld. Driver. He gets it, and may know more than we do.” - Donald Teplyske

Fervor Coulee

... After hearing his new LP, Driver, I'm sure that you will agree that it's time for Nashville to get to better know him.” - Mike Bodayle

Music City Mike - 11 Questions to a Nashville Musician

Discussion of Driver and Michael's selection as a 2019 Grassy Hill Kerrville New Folk Finalist - his third appearance at the competition in four years.”

Broadway World Music

Rarely is our path a straight one, but there is a lot of learning that happens along the way. Braunfeld shows us that it's never too late to do what you love.” - Susan Hubbard

Mother Church Pew - Video Premiere: "Driver"

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